Has your weight been a life issue for you?

The No-Nonsense Weight Loss Promise

If you’re looking to tone up or shed a few pounds, it can be hard to find the right motivation. We’ve found that the best motivator is actual results- when you wake up feeling great and your clothes fit better.
That’s why Dr. Heller will do everything he can to design the perfect program for you personally.

Every person’s body chemistry is different. Let Dr. Heller find the perfect plan for you. Forget about crash diets or long hours at the gym. That’s not the path to long-term health. Dr. Heller will teach you the proper balance of eating habits & conditioning that will change your body for life! Call today for a


Stay Healthy & Fit

Get A Perfect Body


Get personalized sessions from a certified clinical hypnotherapist and MD


Effortlessly balance cardio, strength training & more


No more gimmick diets! Our clients eat great food & thrive


You have the support of Dr.Heller who believes in your success

Have you tried all the diets and programs without getting the success you need?

A Lifetime of Healthy Nutrition

Are you tired of fad diets? They fail because they’re designed to be a temporary solution. Once you start eating normally, all the weight comes right back within a few months.

At Medical Hypnosis Institute, we effortlessly instill proper balanced nutrition to fuel your body while naturally losing weight. You’ll be eating real food with awesome flavors, providing you a lifetime of great fitness.

We have many success stories using our unique methodology

We have seen from 10 lbs to over 100 lbs. lost without effort

If your tired of all the diets and just want something that works, call us


Discover Your Best Healthy Body

Dr. Heller will help you meet each and every one of your goals fast!

The Myth Of Healthy Foods

Believe it or not, many of the foods and snacks marked “healthy” in stores are actually bad for you. They’re packed with sugars and artificial ingredients that spike your blood sugar and promote fat gain. We have studied food in great detail. We know what should be eaten and what should be skipped and include this in your sessions.

Who We Are

Dedicated to Better Health in Phoenix and Around the World

Being in fantastic shape is not just about looks- it’s about how you feel. It’s about discovering the best possible you and being able to chase all your passions and dreams. That’s why I started in nutritionists in the 1st place- we love seeing those transformations as you realize your potential.

At Medical Hypnosis Institute, helping you get to your goals is not our job- it’s our passion. Call us today at
602-502-4000 to learn about discovering what is best for you. As a medical doctor I keep you safe.

We Will Help You Calculate Your Ideal Weight

Your Weight Lose Program IS Effortless

Enjoy Your Perfect Healthy Body

Call Us Today For A Free Consultation602-502-4000

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should we have a session?

The average person should listen to a session a few times a week. Each person is different so we design the program for just you with one to one sessions, group sessions and recordings.

Why do I struggle to lose weight?

Your subconscious mind may be hindering your results with the wrong combination of foods for your metabolism.

Don’t worry though, we can help!

How much does it cost for a a session?

We work on trying to make it affordable for everyone. One to One are the most expensive. Group Sessions and Recorded Sessions can lower the cost. Give us a call today for a free consultation!

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